Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles)

An offensive haven, runs and especially home runs are elevated at this gorgeous ballpark. So far in 2016 this stadium is only running middle of the pack offensively but as the weather warms up, expect offense too as well. For an example, just look at the role warm weather may have played in the recent Red Sox/Orioles series. July’s average high temperature is 87 degrees, making this one of the warmest MLB cities. Accompanying this warmth is often oppressive levels of humidity which further decreases air density leading to a propensity for offensive explosions. With the potent offense the Orioles have and the power packed AL east that they play in, expect the middle of the pack offensive performance this park has had so far this year to rise towards the top, right where this park is historically at (a top 5 or top 10 offensive stadium).

Camden Yards Stadium Details:

Left: 333 ft
Center: 400 ft
Right: 318 ft
Latitude/Longitude: 39.2837181 N, -76.621634 W
Elevation: 36 ft

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  1. Ryan Noyes says:

    We love the Os

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