Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

Boston Red Sox

The Green Monster in left looms large over the pitcher’s shoulder and this year is no different. It is currently the 7th ranked offensive park and the weather is just warming up. Expect the ranking to continue to rise with the temperatures. Boston’s average high temperature in July is 81 degrees but it often sees high temperatures approaching or surpassing 90. With how close it is to the ocean, high humidity levels are common as well. With these warm conditions is a generally southerly wind, which blows out to left and the Green Monster helping the offensive barrages the powerful BoSox have laid out on opponents so far this year. According to Fangraphs, The Red Sox (as of early June) are the #1 ranked offense in all of MLB and Fenway Park is the 8th best offensive park so far this year. Historically it is a top 5 offensive ballpark so it may continue to shoot up the chart.

Fenway Park Stadium Details:

Left: 310 ft
Center: 390 ft
Right: 302 ft
Latitude/Longitude: 42.3467° N, -71.0972° W
Elevation: 20 ft”

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