Globe Life Park in Arlington (Texas Rangers)

Texas Rangers

Warm temperatures generally allow this to be a top 5 offensive ballpark and this year is no different as it currently ranks as the 2nd best park behind only Coors. All the main offensive statistics are above average with the amount of triples it is currently giving up probably a statistical anamoly (over 2.5 times the league average per game). Besides Phoenix where the DiamondBacks play (but that ballpark’s retractable roof is often closed during the summer anyways), the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be the warmest summer MLB city. July’s average high temperatures soar to 96 degrees and while it is not often oppressively muggy, the marked rise in temperature causes low air density which is great for hitters. We can expect the offensive outbursts to continue throughout the summer months. There is a jet stream that affects the park. There is a huge facade behind home plate. When the wind blows out of the south blowing in from right (and especially when it is strong), the wind bounces off of the facade and actually helps balls carry to right. So it is kind of opposite of what you should expect with a wind blowing in because it actually helps flyballs carry.

Globe Life Park in Arlington Stadium Details:

Left: 310 ft
Center: 390 ft
Right: 302 ft
Latitude/Longitude: 32.7513° N, -97.0833° W
Elevation: 565 ft