Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)

Milwaukee Brewers

A retractable roof stadium, this is one of the few, if not the only retractable roof stadium, where it is known as an offensive park even with the roof closed. Maybe the Brewers bad pitching staff may have something to do with it? Historically, this is a top 10 offensive ballpark and so far in 2016 it ranks as #9. One thing home games in the park provides for me personally is a much needed break from worrying about PPD or delays, though I do remember one time in 2015, actually it was opening day I believe, where the Marlins got caught having the roof oepn and some showers cause a brief rain delay.

Stadium Details:

Left: 344 ft
Center: 400 ft
Right: 345 ft
Latitude/Longitude: 43.0280° N, -87.9712° W
Elevation: 612 ft